Jim Lynch

Artificial Reef Building

​​In keeping with it's mission to preserve our environment, and to aid in the improvement of coastal fisheries, the GPPCBA is heavily involved in the creation of Artificial Reefs to expand and preserve vital fish habitats.

In 1996 the GPPCBA scuttled it's first vessel on the Axel Carlson Artificial Reef. The ship was a 92 foot, low height river tugboat named the Collen.

Since then we have added two 180 foot tankers, a 178 foot oil barge, numerous US National Guard tanks and personnel carriers, hundreds of reef balls, 1,400 tons of concrete pipe, and tons of dredge rock to the nearby reef sites.

Presently we are pursuing another barge load of concrete pipes. This particular type of structure will be alive with fish in less than a year.

All our projects are accomplished in concert with State of New Jersey's Artificial Reef Program.

A typical reef construction venture includes the purchase, cleaning, transport and final deployment of each structure. Financing, which is extremely costly, is furnished by the GPPCBA and their sponsors, Anheuser-Bush, and other sources.

Our reef building record is depicted below:


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Mako Mania

Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association

Captain Bart

YearStructure TypeNameLocations
199692' TugboatThe "Colleen"Axel Carson Reef
1997Tanks and APCsna/Axel Carson Reef
1997​Reef Balls
n/aAxel Carson Reef
1998174' TankerThe "Mako Mania Wreck"Shark River Reef
1999185' TankerThe "Captain Bart"Shark River Reef
2000Reef Ballsn/aAxel Carson Reef
2001178' Oil BargeThe "Jim Lynch"Axel Carson Reef
20031,200 Tons of Concrete Pipe10 Individual ReefsAxel Carson Reef
2003Dredge Rock"Donna's Reef"