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The Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association was formed in 1981 to:

  • Support charter and recreational sport fishing through collaborative information sharing, safety and the promotion of  marine conservation.

  • Assume the guardian role for artificial reefs and support expansion that benefits recreational rod and reel anglers.

  • Encourage and support groups and governmental officials  engaged in the conservation of ocean life and the enhancement of recreational sport fishing.

  • Foster and cultivate youth and underprivileged participation in fishing.

  • Sponsor and support competitive college students pursuing a career in a marine related profession.

  • With these goals in mind, the GPPCBA donates a portion of our tournament revenues to organizations such as the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, Jersey Coast Anglers Association, American Littoral Society, National Association of Charterboat Operators and Save the Summer Flounder Foundation Fund.

  • Our membership also donates their expertise and vessel use, to introduce under-privileged kids and special interest groups to the experience and joys of fishing.

  • Lastly, over the past ten years, most of the tournament proceeds have gone toward building artificial reefs outside the Manasquan Inlet.

Mako Mania: (NEW for 2019 Season)

Mako Mania has long been considered by many to be the premier shark fishing tournament in New Jersey. The only shark tournament in New Jersey that gives back over 90% to the recreational fishermen, in the form of artificial reef building and donations for marine studies. 

This outstanding event will be hosted by Wehrlen Brothers Marinna in Brick. Our tournament attracts over 1,500 fishermen from New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, lower New York State and other surrounding states.

The festivities begin on Friday, June 14th, 2019 with our Captains Meeting. Besides announcing contest rules and thanking sponsors, door prizes are picked at random and presented to most of our contestants. Fishing days commence on Saturday June 15th & Sunday June 16th, Saturday June 22nd and Sunday June 23rd 2019.Three inlets to start from this year Shark River, Manasquan or Barnegat. 

Saturday and Sunday are time for tournament fishing, which starts with a 5:00AM check-out. The four contest days are fun-filled and action packed with 52 hours of serious shark fishing taking place! Contending weigh-ins usually begin showing up at the Captain Bill’s Landing dock at 4:00 PM.

The competition concludes when the proud winners collect their prizes at the Awards Party (date and time to be announced).


Visit the TunaMania Website for the 2021 TunaMania Tournament Details!

We are ON for the 2021 TunaMania Tournament!
Thursday, June 10 - Sunday, June 13
Shark River - Manasquan - Barnegat

Click HERE  to open the 2021 TunaMania Registration Form

Click HERE to view the 2021 TunaMania flyer with details on this years' tournament

​Click HERE to view the 2021 TunaMania rules and regulations

Click HERE to view details of the upcoming deployment of the John S. Dempster, Jr. high Bunker Boat at the Manasquan New Jersey Inlet reef.

Check out this video! - GPPCBA Building the Manasquan Inlet Reef - Click HERE to view the video

Go to for photos from previous years and more information.

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